Pharmacy collection service

If you wish to avail of the pharmacy collection service whereby the pharmacy collect your script for repeat medication from the surgery and then you collect your medication directly from the chemist please state which chemist you would like to use when ordering repeat medication only.

Practice Radius

Following consultation with HSCNI, Errigal Medical Centre has reduced their practice radius from 12 to 10 miles 'as the crow flies'.

Clinics & Services

Below are some of the services provided at the practice:

Long-Term Conditions

Diabetes and asthma check-ups are scheduled in surgery hours.

Child Health/Immunisation girl_with_open_mouth

These can be carried out during any surgery. Your child may become irritable and slightly feverish in the 24 hours after the injection. If this happens, give your child infant paracetamol, such as Calpol or Disprol, dosage according to their age, to lower their temperature.

Please contact reception to make an appointment for the vaccinations.

Joint Injection Clinic

Patients of Errigal Medical Centre can now avail of the service which will allow them to have injections into their joint or soft tissue. Referral to this service will be made following an appointment with the GP.

Minor Surgery

Patients of Errigal Medical Centre can now avail of having certain minor surgical procedures being carried out by the doctors within the practice. 

Procedures performed in Errigal Medical Centre include:

  • the removal of sebaceous cysts
  • simple excision (Example: Mole biopsy)
  • removal of ingrown toenails

To avail of this service you will first need to make a routine appointment to discuss these procedures with the doctor and you will then be given an appointment for the minor surgery if they feel it is appropriate, and if not they will refer you to the appropriate service.

Breast Examinations

It is a good idea for all women to examine their breasts regularly for lumps. If you are not sure how to do this, the doctor will be happy to advise. If you should notice any lumps in your breasts, please see the doctor. Most lumps are not serious, but it is important to have any possible abnormality checked.

Cervical Smear Test

Cancer of the cervix can be prevented therefore all female patients between the ages of 25 and 65 are advised to have regular smear tests.

  • women between the ages of 25-49 are invited for cervical screening every three years
  • women between the ages of 50-64 are invited for cervical screening every five years

These are important because they can detect early signs of the disease, which would then be easily treated. We operate a call and recall system to remind you about the tests, which are carried out during special surgeries within the practice, a nurse visits the surgery on a monthly basis from the family planning clinic in Omagh to carry out a Smear Clinic.

You can click on the link below which will take you to a video that shows women what to expect when they attend for cervical screening

Contraception contraception

We can give a comprehensive service within normal surgery hours. All patients receiving contraceptive services are advised to have an annual check-up. We are able to offer fitting and removal of implant contraceptives, please speak to the doctor or nurse for further information. Click here for information about other sexual health clinics

Smoking Cessation Advice

Smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of premature death and avoidable illness. It affects health directly and contributes to diseases such as cancers, coronary heart disease, lung disease and stroke as well as many others. 23% of the population of Northern Ireland are smokers with smoking causing 2300 deaths each year in NI. Each cigarette shortens the lifespan by five minutes, which on average shortens a smoker’s life by 10-15 years.

Influenza Vaccinations syringe

From September onwards we offer flu vaccine to our patients. It is strongly recommended for patients over the age of 65, and those classified as high risk patients, e.g. those with a heart or chest condition, those who suffer from diabetes, and those whose immune system is compromised for another reason, such as chemotherapy. Please ask receptionist staff for more details and to find out if your are eligible.

Men ACWY Vaccination

Young teenagers, sixth formers and 'fresher' students going to university for the first time are now routinely offered a vaccination to prevent meningitis W disease. The Men ACWY vaccine protects against four different causes of meningitis and septicaemia  meningococcal (Men) A, C, W and Y diseases.

Students going to university or college for the first time as freshers, including overseas and mature students up to the age of 25, should contact their GP to have the Men ACWY vaccine, ideally before the start of the academic year.


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